Calming the chaos with the magic of meditation

As a mother watching your child be put under anaesthetic for any surgery or treatment is a heartbreaking ordeal! and with my 8 year old daughter Kayal’s permission we would like to share our experience with you all! 

I for one am so petrified of needles! I’ve never been in with either of my girls for any of their vaccinations. But I knew in my hearts heart that I was going to be with Kayal regardless! I had to put everything I preached into practice that morning- put on a brave smiley face, stay calm, and stay positive! 

Considering shes petrified of needles like her mummy, she initially did see the needle by accident and had a panic. But she soon calmed herself down through the visualisation and meditation techniques she has been practicing with me. 

She began to visualise herself on a beautiful beach, she concentrated on each and every part of her body beginning with her toes and working her way up laying on the golden sand. She visualised herself listening to the crashing of the waves. She was so calm and almost as if she had fallen asleep. 

The medics in the room were so amazed at how she self calmed and soothed herself instantly after seeing the needle. They thought she was in a trance and were hesitant to disturb her, at which point she heard them, and said with her eyes shut tight “don’t worry I’m awake just on a beach in Dubai- just do what you have to do!” She didn’t even flinch when they put the cannula through her vein. She remained calm and still. I spoke to her all throughout guiding her visualisation. 
But we had made a bet before hand about how many seconds it was going to take for her to fall asleep after the anaesthetic was administered, so I kept her informed- like I promised. We both counted together, she had a smile on her face and we reached 6 seconds and she was out! 

My little girl was amazing! What could have been a really traumatic time for both of us. Turned out to be a tranquil time on a beach in Dubai! 

As a parent, words can not describe how proud I am of my strong beautiful little warrior! Our job is to love and protect our children and guide them towards being an independent adult. Life will be stressful but equipping our children with the tools such as meditation and a positive mindset to deal with the most stressful times ahead is just as important as us shielding them against the stresses of everyday life! 

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